5 Words To Fall In Love Immediately

We all want to make her immediately with with less effort that is love for her. How much effort do boys need to attract their girlfriends?

1. WOW

Do’nt say so many times Wow while chatting with a girl. Use this as to make a attraction. Use ‘Wow you look so beautiful’ when she wears a lovely dress or use’Wow, you look damn hot’ when she wears some sexy dresses.

2. Could you please

When this in need of some favor. Pass some thing to her ask her for this. Feel her relaxed with this.

3. Her name

Pronounce her name as you really like her name a lot. In relationship pronounce her name matters a lot. Try to relate her name with a celebrity to feel her special. 

4. Tell me everthing

Girls like chatting. When she starts chatting with you try to ask her everything about her life. If she say something sad about her life, pretend  like you are the one who can solve  her problems.

5. I want you

It might sound funny, but girls love all those sweet promises guys often give to them. Don’t promise her that you can bring star or moon for her.  Invite her for cup of coffee in a restaurant, gift her some flowers. 


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