Bollywood Celebs Injured in Accident

Sonu Sood
Sonu is also a victim of a very dangerous accident. Actually, his car 'Audi Q7' was set on fire. They came out of the car when the fire was out of control. At the last moment, the Fire Brigade had a lot of Situation Control
Lara Dutta
This incident happened with Lara during the shooting of the debut film 'Style'. Lara, standing near the sea, fell down from the wind, but Akshay Kumar saved him.
Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta during a movie scene Hema Malini during Car Accident
Pretty has returned from death twice. The first time he went to a Colombo event At the same time, when she went to the holiday in Thailand and the bomb had become a victim of a blast. In 2015, Hema Malini was a victim of big car accidents. The incident was so horrible that because of this, her direct eye was also left. Though he had a lot of stitches on his face. Let me tell you, there were two girls (4 and 6 years) and a woman.
Sunny Leone
In May 2017,Sunny Leone was a victim of a plane crash - had survived. Sunny was in her private plane, along with Husband Daniel Weber and some team members were also together. There was a tragedy in his plane in a rural area of ​​Maharashtra, although the pilot was enough good, all the people had survived.
Zaira Wasim
In June 2017,Jaira was going with Friends only when the car got out of the driver's control. In this accident, the car had gone to Dal Lake, although the arrival of nearby people, life of Zaire and his friends were saved.
Celina Jaitley
Once, when Celina was shooting for the South Indian film 'Sreemati', she has become a victim of a scourge. Actually, during the shooting, they were standing with the outcrop. Then the camera fell on them with the garden trolley, though the lucrative camera assistant saved them.
Bollywood Celebs Injured in Accident
Saif Ali Khan
During the shooting of 'Kya Kahan', Saif Ali Khan's head hit a stone. Because of this, he had about 100 stitches. He said while talking about this accident during an interview, "It was the most horrific incident of my life.

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