Aliens walk, fly and crawl around without us even noticing them. Because they are insects and we do not notice them like Aliens . Have you ever seen them closely enough to mark every tiny detail of their bodies, faces, and wings? These creatures are mostly too tiny to take a closer look at them without any special equipment. But those people, who managed to glance at them via the microscope state that some insects were definitely blown with the wind to our planet from another one.



Have you ever seen bee hive enough close? Bee are small in size but when you see them closely, it look like tiny aliens are looking at you.


This water creature is very harmful for fish. Look at his structure, how many details nature has given to this creature. It also look like alien of sci fi movies.

Hydrothermal worm

It looks like monster of Sci Fi movies. It’s about half a millimeter long.


This is red bug with black spot on them.


They are awful. They can make anyone freak out with their look.


Everyone knows how adult mosquitoes look. And we all do know why everyone hates them either. Now it’s time to reveal their larvae shot under the microscope. Do you like what you see here? No? Nobody does. Aliens as they are..

Water mite

The larger species are clearly visible as fast swimming sometimes deep red spider-like creatures


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