Get Google Adsense Approval With In 10 Days

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Nowadays, Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks company for a website or a blog. It is better than other ad network comapnies. The CPC rate of google adsense is higher than any other ad network. Every beginner who develops website or blog wants to monetize his website with this ad network. Here i am going to share some easy tricks to get google adsense approved with in 10 days.

First of all you need to do starting tasks like purchasing domain and hosting for your website or blog. You can purchase domain from godaddy or hostgator as per your convenience.

To get google adsense approval think about your website or blog that you really want to develop. To get google adsense approved do some necessary tasks. After hosting of your website i recommend you to select a attractive theme for your website or blog. You can also purchase themes from many website. A good website theme makes your blog or website look attractive so visitor can stay for longer time.

Whatever is your idea for you website or blog, make sure you design your site/blog in a attractive manner.

Make atleast 5-6 pages for your website. Name every page a different category of your website’s idea theme like if your want to develop site/blog for furniture then you should keep pages names like living room, bedroom, decor, dinning etc.

Create posts with full of description and pictures. Every post should have alteast 2-3 images related to post with description. You can also insert reference links in the post to make post more effective.

Fill every page with 5-6 posts related to the page category. Make sure you have 25-30 posts combining all pages. Means your site/blog has 5-6 posts on every page.

After completion of your website/blog development create your google adsense account. Once you login with your email id google asks you to enter your website name and then google generates a code. This code you have to enter in your website.

After 8-10 days google will send you approval mail and you can start earning from google adsense if your website has enough traffic. So friend its not so much tough to approve google adsense. Try it and happy blogging…………


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