Places Where You Can Enjoy Sex More

Are you not enjoying sex more in bed room? Boring poses and having sex every time in same manner does not give full pleasure of sex. A study said boring sex is also a reason of break ups. That’s whu people try to find some thing new on porn sites.

Here we show you some more exciting places to have sex with more pleasure.


People should think about having some love in balcony.


In car there are a lot of poses that each partner can give to each other.

Fitting Room

Tickle your nerves with the fact crowds of people are wandering around and there is a chance somebody might break in to see what you are doing there. We bet you both will feel like criminals and enjoy the process.


Most of the guys avoid this location as they believe it is wrong to have sex there where they eat. As every time they are going to heave their meals, there will be no chance to concentrate on food. And this is how they are depriving themselves of a pleasure. Kitchen sex is fantastic for both couples, but do not forget to remove all glasses and mugs off the table beforehand.


Being partner when you and your partner alone while lunch nobody around you, you can enjoy. After you will see office as your new source of pleasure.


Late night in park watching stars holding arms of each other and suddenly you pulls each other. 807 people confess that sex in parks and forests are their favorite place for enjoy.



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