Renowned British Scientist Stephen Hawking Dies At 76

British scientist Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday at the age of 76. Spokespersons of his family confirmed the news. Hawking worked a lot in the field of black holes and relativity (relativity). His book ‘A Brief History of Time’ was a lot of talk around the world. His children said in the statement, “He was a great scientist. His work and legacy will be among us for years.

Hawking said in his statement to children Lucie, Robert and Tim said, “Our dear father passed away tragically, he was an extraordinary person. His ability to remain firm with his courage and ability will continue to inspire people around the world.

Once he had said that by then the universe could not grow until it became the home of your favorite people. We’ll miss them.

Renowned British Scientist Stephen Hawking Explained the mystery of the black hole to the world

Renowned British Scientist Stephen Hawking

-In 974, Hawking came with the theory of black holes. This was later known as Hawking Radiation. Hawking also said about the leak energy of black holes.

– Professor Hawking brought the theory of cosmology for the first time. It is also called union of relativity and quantum mechanics.

– In 1988, his A Brief History of Time Book was published. Its more than one crore copies sold.


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