World’s Hottest Uniform Ever

Men like girls in uniform. I mean, when it comes to uniform, it has always been a sex appeal factor. Women also like men in uniform like men who are in military forces. Uniform of military forces always show a good impact on girls. Not every uniform looks sexy, but some of them are really attractive.


Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is a franchise sports bar in Texas, and features all of its waitresses dressed in a makeshift bikini cowboy ensemble while serving barfare and drinks to its predominantly male clientele. The first location was opened in 2006, and has since grown exponentially in popularity. Perhaps it’s the simplistic attitude of seeing the waitresses in bikini tops or perhaps it’s the overall enthusiasm of chain “breastaurants” throughout the U.S. Whatever the case, the uniform is definitely a huge draw in bringing in customers and keeping the clientele intrigued during the commercial breaks on the many flat screen televisions.


Twin Peaks first opened in 2005 and has since branched out to become a highly successful chain restaurant and bar. The slogan of Twin Peaks is “Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views.” Obviously, they mean more than just the wilderness theme of this lodge-like atmosphere. The waitress uniforms aren’t as unvarying like other similar restaurants since Twin Peaks likes to change it up at times.


Today most of flight attendant dresses are designed so much sexy. So it has always been a symbol of sex appeal. They are trying to bring more glamore in air travel.


Nowadays cheerleaders are important aspect of professional sports. The sex appeal of cheerleaders uniforms is undeniable.


Proving that not all of the chain restaurants hoping to capitalize on the male fascination with the female form is able to maintain popularity, Show-Me’s is a prime example of how not all “breastaurants” can turn into the next Hooters. The uniform consists of a pair of shiny black booty shorts that were skimpy enough to be considered a pair of boyshort panties and a cropped black tank top with the company name sprawled across it. The baring midriff and the scooped neckline helped to show off just the right amount of skin, and the bright company logo definitely helped to draw attention to the ample bosom of the waitresses. Yet, not everyone was onboard for this chain restaurant coming into their neck of the woods. In 2011, a Naperville location in Illinois famously closed after just 10 months after their grand opening, with many residents protesting the concept and the scantily-clad waitresses.


Ring girls have a long history in combat sports, whether it’s in professional boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts. While you can argue that the crowd needs to be able to keep track of what round the competition is in, it seems that the round count could be displayed on any one of the many monitors at an event. It’s obvious by the uniform that the importance of the ring girl’s role is more than just holding up a giant number. She is the sexy relief in between rounds, and is meant to offer up some eye candy for a predominantly male audience.


The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery franchise has cashed in on the male’s desire to surround themselves with scantily clad waitresses while they eat and drink. This is a Celtic themed sports bar and restaurant that requires their waitresses to dress in ultra short plaid skirts, a top that is basically just a push-up bra wrapped in a bit of white fabric, and some knee high socks. Although the male waiters are also required to wear kilts, it’s difficult to fully embrace the uniform as traditional Celtic. Basically, the uniform is a sexy school girl’s costume, but the side satchel does help it to look a tad more ethnic. Every part of the uniform is carefully thought out, right down to the Mary Jane styled shoes each of the waitresses must wear.


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